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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sexy Civil War Macaroni & Cheese Update!


As a follow up to my last post, which admittedly became more of a love song to Macaroni & Cheese as opposed to a review of Townhouse Kitchen + Bar (sorry about that Townhouse!), I wanted to share something I ran across this evening.

You regular readers may have noticed the Simply Recipes widget The Food Bitch has on her blog. --------------------->  
For those of you who probably do not know (or may not care), The Food Bitch enjoys trolling the internet for new recipes, and and Simply Recipes top my list of places to look. If you have never checked this recipe blog out, please do so. I've tried several of Elise's recipes, and they have all turned out amazing.

That being said, what do you think she has posted at the top of her page today??? A timely recipe called Civil War Macaroni and Cheese. Isn't that romantic and fabulous?!? Even better is the hilarity with which the antiquated recipe reads:

Boil the maccaroni in milk; put in the stewpan butter, cheese, and seasoning; when melted, pour into the maccaroni, putting breadcrums over, which brown before the fire all together.


So thanks to Elise today for bringing us so many great recipes, thanks to this old recipe for reminding us just how far we've come with recipes, cooking, fine dining, refrigeration, oh hell everything, and most of all thanks to Macaroni & Cheese for transcending time and making today bearable.

Happy Snacking,

The Food Bitch

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